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JW, Private Client

‘The coaching sessions provided an opportunity to discuss and explore challenging life issues that I was choosing not to confront. But this was achieved in a very non-judgemental, professional way’.  

TR, Private Client

‘Keri was warm and approachable. A very good listener. Insightful and always asked the right questions to move the sessions forward. She successfully created a very safe space, and it felt like a very collaborative process throughout’.    

IM, Private Client  

‘I want to say thank you to Keri. With her help I could think in a different perspective about the troubles I was facing, and now I'm starting to feel more confident, calmer and have more focus on what I want and how to achieve it. It feels nice to be listened to and encouraged to think and Keri is a very sweet and trustworthy person’. 


IM, Private Client

‘I've always felt unsure/confused in next steps in my career, but the way Keri puts questions to me, I've always known the answers but not realized until I think about things in a different way’.

CB, Private Client

‘Keri’s skills were in listening, reflection, sharing experience, using tools where helpful, warmth and a feeling of kindness and connection'. 

 KH, Private Client  

‘I really enjoyed the sessions, especially the Aha-moments. And I felt comfortable to share personal topics with Keri'.

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