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Vocalising your Values

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Have you ever considered what are your main values in life? Thinking about your values can help you to better understand who you are and what is important to you. You can then consider if your life and your values are aligned or if they conflict.

So what are values? They define what is really essential for you to live harmoniously and in line with what you feel in your soul you need to live a fulfilled life.

Think about your past experiences and your future desires to help you to identify your values. Consider what you are passionate about and what gets you excited? When did you feel a sense of achievement or when you knew that you were doing exactly what you were meant to do? Evoke that memory in your mind and lean into it- why did it make you feel that way? I love learning new skills and always feel joyful when I can then share this information with others, so I know that learning and service are important to me.

Consider what is so fundamental to you that you couldn’t live without it?

Then think about other times when you felt angry or frustrated about something and explore why you felt that way too? I know that I feel frustrated if I am not able to use my initiative and if I feel controlled, so for me independence is vital.

Your values may vary in different aspects of your life, for example at work or with your family or your wellbeing, so have a think about that too. Reflect on why they vary or why they are the same.

When you have identified your values, try to make a shortlist of your top 5 core values. Then ask yourself if these are true for you and how it makes you feel to read them? Do any feel more important? Are your values being met at present?

This process of self-reflection through focusing on your values can be a powerful way to better understand what you want to change in your life so that you feel more aligned to your true purpose. That can be the beginning of your transformational journey!

Why not set aside some time to reflect on your values, sitting in a quiet place with a calming cuppa and a notebook. You might be surprised what comes up for you?

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